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Danfoss Launched Flagship District Heating Plant inChina


Return of Run for the Oceans Kicks Off


Walmart China and Tencent Reach In-Depth Strategic Partnership


Avia to Establish Pilot Training Center in China



Danfoss Launched Flagship District Heating Plant inChina


Danfoss announced the inauguration of its flagship district heating facility in Anshan, Liaoning Province.


With an investment of 170 million RMB, the new facility consists of production lines dedicated to core district heating products, such as control valves, station, HEX, and a lab manned with Danfoss' leading scientists.


The new facility will expand Danfoss’ Anshan Campus by 5 times, with an expected annual output values of 200million RMB.


'In 2017, Danfoss achieved a record-high 30% growth in China, contributing 1/3 to the Group's overall growth.Chinais now virtually our second largest market,' said Kim Fausing, President of Danfoss Group.


Danfoss believes that such challenges as lack of heat resources, high energy consumption, and environment pollution thatChina's heating industry has been facing for long can only be solved by an upgraded heating system with effective control and precise metering across the whole heat chain. Moreover, the upgrade will also help address the energy and environmental challengesChinahas been confronted.


Return of Run for the Oceans Kicks Off

阿迪达斯携手Parley for the Oceans宣布启动新一轮“跑出蔚蓝”主题活动。作为全球性的跑步活动,这一跑步活动旨在借助运动的力量唤醒人们对海洋塑料污染的意识。

adidas and Parley for the Oceans today announced the return of Run For The Oceans, a global running movement that uses the power of sports to raise awareness for the threat of marine plastic pollution.


Through this worldwide initiative, adidas and Parley call on their global communities to take action and protect the oceans that are increasingly endangered due to man-made issues including pollution, waste and growing consumption.


adidas will match every kilometre run with US$ 1 – for the first one million kilometres – to support the Parley Ocean Plastic Program, focusing specifically on the Parley Ocean School initiative, which educates and empowers the next generation of Ocean Guardians through immersive experiences in the environment we are fighting to protect.

为了提升参与度,阿迪达斯和Parley for the Oceans正在包括洛杉矶、纽约、巴黎、柏林、伦敦、巴塞罗那、米兰、上海在内的全球关键城市举行一系列跑步活动,动员全球阿迪达斯跑者网络,在全球范围内50个阿迪达斯跑团中每周组织跑步活动。

To get involved, adidas and Parley are hosting a series of physical runs in several key cities worldwide including LA, New York, Paris, Berlin, London, Barcelona, Milan and Shanghai, and are mobilising the global adidas Runners network to organise weekly running initiatives in 50 adidas Runners communities worldwide.


Walmart China and Tencent Reach In-Depth Strategic Partnership


Walmart China and Tencent jointly announced that they have reached an in-depth partnership.


The two companies will fully leverage their advantages in corresponding industries and carry out in-depth partnership on digital and smart retail in multiple areas focused on improving shopping experience, accurate marketing, comprehensive payment service, enhancing added value of membership and so on.


Walmart China has been working closely with Tencent. The in-depth strategic partnership that the two companies formed this time will focus their initial efforts on the following areas:


Easier shopping experience、more payment innovations、more accurate marketing、enhanced membership system、more efficient collaboration.


Based on Tencent’s strong data and technological capabilities and its multidimensional platforms, supported by Walmart’s industrial wisdom as an international retail giant and its outstanding practical experience of digitalization, the two companies will improve efficiency, reduce cost and enhance customer experience through smart digitalization efforts and create a benchmark of digital, omnichannel retail development.


Avia to establish pilot training center in China


Avia Solutions Group has announced their intentions to expansion step in China. This potential expansion of Avia Solutions Group is related intention of the establishment of a pilot and crew training center inChina.


As an international group of companies that provides a full range of services for airlines, airports, and leasing companies in more than 40 countries, Avia Solutions Group's, 100 % owned pilots training organization, BAA Training is planning to cover part of the huge demand by localizing trainings in China.


New Pilot Academy would itself prepare up to 1000 new pilots for country needs each year by 2022.


Headquarters of BAA Training is based in Lithuania, BAA Training is the biggest and most reputable independent aviation personnel training center in Central and Eastern Europe.


Since the establishment of the company,BAA Training has already trained around 12`000 aviation specialist from 96 countries.


To set up the training school in China,BAA Training is looking for a potential local partner and suitable location in China.


BAA Training expects that the final decision on partners and an acceptable location for abovementioned training facilities, which might require around $60 million investment, will be made by the end of 2018.


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